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How To Fix Galaxy Buds Case Not Charging

When encountering the issue of a Galaxy Buds case not charging, troubleshooting steps are essential to restore functionality. From ensuring basic charging parameters to exploring firmware updates and device maintenance, there are various avenues to explore to address this common concern.

By following a structured approach and considering a range of potential solutions, users can potentially revive their Galaxy Buds charging case to its optimal state. Let's delve deeper into these strategies to uncover the most effective methods for resolving this charging dilemma.

Key Takeaways

  • Reset Galaxy Buds case to restore proper charging functionality.
  • Clean case and buds regularly for optimal contact and performance.
  • Test different charging accessories for compatibility and effectiveness.
  • Inspect case for damages like corrosion, cracks, or blockages hindering charging.

Reset Galaxy Buds Case

To rectify charging issues with the Galaxy Buds case, a recommended step is to perform a reset procedure, which can effectively address software-related glitches. When encountering a charging problem, resetting your Galaxy Buds can often resolve the issue.

By pressing and holding the sensors on the Galaxy Buds for about 10 seconds, you can initiate the reset process. Once the reset is complete, place the buds back into their case while still holding the sensors. It is advisable to leave the buds in the case for at least 30 seconds before attempting to charge them again.

This simple yet effective solution aims to restore proper charging functionality by resetting the charging contacts and sensors within the Galaxy Buds. By following these steps, you can potentially troubleshoot and fix charging issues related to software glitches without the need for more complex interventions.

Update Firmware for Galaxy Buds

Updating the firmware of your Galaxy Buds is crucial for resolving charging issues and enhancing overall performance. When encountering problems with charging, a firmware update can often rectify software-related issues that may be causing the case not to charge properly. To ensure your Galaxy Buds are running on the latest firmware version, follow these steps:

  • Utilize the Galaxy Wearable app: Access the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone to check for any available firmware updates for your Galaxy Buds.
  • Automatic Updates: Leave your Galaxy Buds in the case connected to a charger overnight. This can facilitate automatic firmware updates, ensuring your buds are always up to date.
  • Optimal Functionality: Regular firmware updates are essential to maintain optimal functionality and compatibility for charging the Galaxy Buds case.

Clean Case and Buds

Maintaining the cleanliness of both the Galaxy Buds case and buds is crucial for ensuring proper charging functionality and overall performance.

To effectively clean the Galaxy Buds case, use isopropyl alcohol, a cotton swab, and a microfiber cloth. Focus on cleaning the charging port and charging pins to guarantee proper contact for charging. Similarly, when cleaning the Galaxy Buds themselves, pay close attention to the charging contacts to ensure they are free from any dirt or debris.

After cleaning, wipe down all surfaces with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining particles that could disrupt the charging process.

Try Different Charging Accessories

When troubleshooting issues with a Galaxy Buds case not charging, a practical step is to test the case with alternative charging accessories. It is essential to ensure that the charging accessories being used are compatible and in good working condition.

Here are some steps to consider:

  • Use a different charging cable: Testing the case with a different charging cable can help determine if the original cable is faulty.
  • Try a different wall adapter: Switching to a different wall adapter can help identify if the charging issue lies with the adapter rather than the case.
  • Ensure compatibility: Make sure that the charging accessories being used are compatible with the Galaxy Buds case to ensure effective charging.

Remove Buds From Case

Removing the buds from the Galaxy Buds case can effectively reset the charging connection, aiding in resolving potential charging issues. By taking the buds out of the case, it allows the case to recalibrate, potentially addressing any charging issues that may have arisen.

This step is crucial as it helps re-establish the connection between the buds and the charging pins within the case. Simple troubleshooting steps like removing the buds can often help in resolving common charging issues.

It is important to ensure that after removing the buds, they are properly seated back in the case to guarantee a secure connection between the buds and the charging pins. By following this straightforward process, you can troubleshoot and potentially fix charging problems with your Galaxy Buds case.

Inspect Case for Damages

After removing the buds from the Galaxy Buds case to recalibrate the charging connection, the next step is to carefully inspect the case for any damages that may be impeding the charging functionality. It is crucial to ensure that the case is in optimal condition to facilitate effective charging.

Here are some key points to consider during the inspection:

  • Check the charging pins on the case for any signs of damage or corrosion.
  • Look for any visible cracks or dents on the case that may be affecting the charging functionality.
  • Inspect the charging port on the case for debris or blockages that could hinder proper charging.

Use Wireless Charger

Using a wireless charger for your Galaxy Buds case offers a convenient and cable-free way to ensure efficient charging. Wireless charging can be a practical solution if your Galaxy Buds case is not charging through traditional methods due to software bugs or other issues.

Some Samsung devices support Power Share, enabling you to charge your Galaxy Buds case wirelessly using your phone. It is essential to ensure compatibility with Qi-enabled wireless chargers to effectively charge your Galaxy Buds case. This method eliminates the need for cables, providing a clutter-free and hassle-free charging experience.

If your Galaxy Buds case suddenly stops charging, using a wireless charger can help troubleshoot the problem. Additionally, sometimes a simple cleaning of the case and charging contacts may be all that is needed to restore proper charging functionality. Opting for a wireless charger can streamline the charging process for your Galaxy Buds case and offer a convenient alternative to traditional wired charging methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Samsung Earbuds Case Not Charging?

The Samsung earbuds case may not charge due to software issues, dirt accumulation, a faulty cable or power adapter, or a battery problem. Troubleshooting steps include resetting the case, cleaning it, testing with different accessories, and seeking professional assistance if necessary.

Why My Buds Are Not Charging in Case?

When Galaxy buds fail to charge in the case, factors such as misalignment of charging pins, debris on the pins, faulty cables/adapters, software glitches, or physical damage should be evaluated. Thorough inspection and troubleshooting are essential for resolving the issue.

How Do I Reset My Galaxy Buds Case?

To reset the Galaxy Buds case, ensure the earbuds have sufficient charge. Press and hold the sensors on the earbuds for 10 seconds, then return them to the case. Wait for 30 seconds before attempting to charge again. Resetting can address charging issues and software glitches.

Can You Charge Galaxy Buds Without the Case?

Charging Galaxy Buds without the case is possible by connecting a USB-C cable directly to the earbuds. This method offers an alternative charging option when the case is unavailable or malfunctioning, helping to maintain the earbuds' battery life and usability.


In conclusion, troubleshooting the Galaxy Buds case not charging issue involves:

  • Resetting the buds
  • Updating the firmware
  • Cleaning the case and buds
  • Trying different charging accessories
  • Inspecting for damages
  • Using a wireless charger

Following these steps can help identify and resolve the underlying problems causing the charging issue, ensuring the Galaxy Buds function properly.

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