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How To Fix Sonos Move Not Charging

For those facing the frustrating issue of their Sonos Move not charging, troubleshooting can be a methodical process that requires attention to detail.

From ensuring the device is completely discharged to examining the charging cables and port, there are various steps to take before considering more advanced solutions.

It is essential to address these common issues systematically to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and restore the device's charging functionality.

By following a structured approach to diagnosing and resolving the charging issue, users can potentially revive their Sonos Move without unnecessary complications.

Key Takeaways

  • Verify charger compatibility and condition for proper power supply.
  • Troubleshoot software issues with factory reset and updates.
  • Ensure optimal speaker placement and battery maintenance for efficient charging.
  • Seek support, maintenance, or professional repair if problems persist.

Common Reasons for Sonos Move Not Charging

One common reason why the Sonos Move may not be charging is the possibility of hardware failure. Hardware failure can manifest in various ways, such as issues with the battery, charging port, or internal components that inhibit the charging process. Additionally, an intermittent faulty charger-loop can cause charging problems with the Sonos Move. It is essential to ensure that the charger being used is in good working condition to rule out this common issue.

Furthermore, the Sonos Move has specific power requirements that must be met for proper charging. Using a USB PD power adapter that aligns with these requirements is crucial for ensuring efficient charging. Having a backup charger compatible with the Sonos Move is also recommended, especially for those who travel frequently. By adhering to the specific power requirements and ensuring the charger is not faulty, users can mitigate common charging issues with the Sonos Move.

Check Power Source and Connections

Ensuring a stable power source and secure connections is essential when troubleshooting charging issues with the Sonos Move.

To begin, verify that the power outlet is functioning correctly and providing sufficient power for the device. Make sure the charging cable is securely connected to both the Sonos Move and the power source to establish a stable connection. It is also crucial to check the charging port on the Sonos Move for any debris or damage that might impede the charging process.

Using a USB-C charger that meets the power requirements of the Sonos Move is recommended to ensure effective charging. If issues persist, try charging the Sonos Move directly from a wall outlet to eliminate potential problems associated with power sources such as power strips or extension cords.

Verify Charger Compatibility and Condition

To ensure proper charging of the Sonos Move, it is imperative to confirm the compatibility and condition of the charger being used. When troubleshooting charging issues with the Sonos Move, here are some key points to consider:

  • Check if the charger is a USB-C PD charger, as Sonos Move requires this specific type for proper charging.
  • Ensure the charger is in good condition without any visible damage to the cable or connector.
  • Verify that the power output of the charger meets Sonos Move's charging requirements for effective functionality.

Using an alternative charger that is compatible with the Sonos Move can help resolve issues related to inadequate power supply. By ensuring that the charger is in good condition and meets the necessary specifications, you can establish a reliable power source for charging your Sonos Move effectively. Addressing charger compatibility and condition is essential in troubleshooting charging problems with the Sonos Move.

Clean and Inspect Charging Port

When troubleshooting charging issues with the Sonos Move, a crucial step is to meticulously clean and inspect the charging port for any obstructions or damage that could impede the charging process.

Start by using a flashlight to carefully examine the charging port for any debris, lint, or damage that may be obstructing the connection.

Gently clean the charging port using a soft, dry brush or compressed air to remove any dirt or lint that could be obstructing the connection with the charging cable.

It's important to avoid using liquids or abrasive materials during the cleaning process to prevent any potential damage to the delicate components of the charging port.

Additionally, check for any bent or misaligned pins in the charging port that may be hindering a proper connection with the charging cable.

Ensure that the charging port is completely dry before attempting to charge the Sonos Move to avoid any risk of short circuits or damage.

Troubleshoot Sonos Move Software

For diagnosing and addressing potential software-related charging issues with the Sonos Move, conducting a factory reset can often effectively resolve such concerns. Additionally, ensuring that the Sonos Move is running the latest firmware is crucial for optimal performance and charging functionality. Here are some steps to troubleshoot Sonos Move software:

  • Perform a factory reset on the Sonos Move.
  • Update the Sonos Move to the latest firmware version.
  • Check for any app updates that could potentially address charging problems.

It is also essential to verify the Sonos Move's connectivity to the network to ensure proper software operation for charging. If the issue persists, contacting Sonos customer support for software troubleshooting assistance is recommended. By following these steps and staying updated with the latest software fixes, users can effectively troubleshoot software-related charging issues with their Sonos Move.

Optimal Speaker Placement for Charging

Placing the Sonos Move directly on the charging base ensures optimal connection and efficient charging performance. It is crucial to ensure that the speaker is seated correctly on the charging station to establish a secure connection for charging. Any obstructions or misalignment should be avoided when placing the Move on the charging dock to prevent charging issues.

Positioning the speaker on a stable and flat surface is essential to maintain a steady charging process without interruptions. Verifying that the charging ring on the Move lights up when placed on the charging base is necessary to confirm proper alignment and connection.

Perform Sonos Move Factory Reset

To troubleshoot persistent charging issues with your Sonos Move, consider initiating a factory reset on the speaker to potentially resolve any underlying software glitches. Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on your Sonos Move:

  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds until the light on the speaker flashes amber.
  • Release the power button after the amber light flashes to initiate the factory reset process.
  • The Sonos Move will restart and reset to its default settings, which may address the charging problems that were persisting before the reset.

After completing the factory reset, remember to reconfigure any customized settings and ensure the speaker is reconnected to your network. This process can help eliminate software glitches that may have been causing the charging issues with your Sonos Move.

Seeking Professional Support for Sonos Move

Seeking expert guidance and technical support from Sonos customer service professionals is crucial for resolving complex charging issues with your Sonos Move speaker. When faced with persistent charging problems, it is advisable to contact Sonos customer support for immediate assistance.

Their team can provide you with expert advice and troubleshooting steps to diagnose the underlying cause of the charging issues. If the problem requires hands-on intervention, visiting an authorized service center is recommended. These centers have the expertise to conduct a professional diagnosis of your Sonos Move and offer solutions like battery replacement if necessary.

Additionally, it's essential to inquire about warranty coverage to determine if the charging problems fall under its provisions. By seeking professional support from Sonos and utilizing authorized services, you can ensure that your Sonos Move is functioning optimally and reliably for your audio needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Tell if My Sonos Move Is Charging?

To determine if your Sonos Move is charging, look for an orange light on the device when placed on the charging ring. Alternatively, press and release the figure-eight join button to check the player status light.

How Long Does a Sonos Move Battery Last?

The Sonos Move battery typically lasts up to 10 hours of continuous music playback on a full charge. Factors like volume levels and usage influence battery life. Monitoring battery health and optimizing settings can extend its lifespan.

Can Sonos Move Work Without Battery?

The Sonos Move is designed to operate wirelessly with a battery, offering portability and outdoor functionality. Without a battery, it can function when connected to a power source, but this limits its use to being plugged in constantly.

Why Doesn T My Sonos Move Turn On?

If your Sonos Move does not turn on, it may be due to issues with the charging connection, cable, power source, or charger. Verify these components are functioning correctly. If problems persist, contact Sonos customer support for further assistance.


In conclusion, troubleshooting steps such as checking power sources, verifying charger compatibility, cleaning the charging port, and optimizing speaker placement can help resolve issues with a Sonos Move not charging.

If these steps do not work, a factory reset or seeking professional support may be necessary.

By following these steps, users can ensure optimal charging performance and prolong the lifespan of their Sonos Move speaker.

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