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How To Fix Simplehuman Mirror Not Charging

When faced with the issue of a Simplehuman mirror not charging, troubleshooting steps can help pinpoint the root cause.

From checking the power source to examining the charging cable and even considering a mirror reset, there are various avenues to explore.

However, sometimes a simple fix may not be sufficient, and deeper investigation or assistance might be required.

Exploring these strategies can shed light on resolving the charging problem effectively, ensuring your mirror functions optimally.

Key Takeaways

  • Check power source, cables, and charging indicator lights for connectivity issues.
  • Clean charging port regularly to maintain efficient charging.
  • Test mirror with different outlets and ensure stable placement while charging.
  • Contact customer support or seek professional repair if issues persist for timely resolution.

Checking Power Source

Upon connecting the USB charger to a functional power source, the first step in addressing issues with a Simplehuman mirror not charging is to verify the power supply. Ensure that the power outlet is operational by testing it with another device. If the outlet is working, try using a different power outlet or USB port to eliminate a potential power source problem.

When troubleshooting, inspect the green blinking light on the mirror, which indicates that the device is in the process of recharging. Additionally, check the on/off power button to ensure it is functioning correctly. If the mirror has a sensor for automatic activation, ensure it is not obstructed or dirty, as this can affect the charging process.

If the mirror is still not charging, consider performing a reset procedure as outlined in the user manual. This could potentially resolve any software glitches that are hindering the charging process. By systematically checking these power-related components, you can effectively diagnose and address charging issues with your Simplehuman mirror.

Inspecting Charging Cable

To ensure proper charging functionality, start by examining the integrity of the connection between the charging cable and both the mirror and power source. Here are some steps to help you inspect the charging cable effectively:

  • Check if the charging cable is securely connected to both the mirror and the power source.
  • Look for any visible damage or fraying on the charging cable that could be affecting the charging process.
  • Test the charging cable with another device to determine if it is functioning properly.
  • Try using a different USB charger to rule out the possibility of a faulty charger causing the charging issue.
  • Inspect the charging port on the mirror for any debris or blockages that may be hindering a proper connection.

Resetting the Mirror

Following a 10-second press and hold of the power button on the Simplehuman mirror, allowing for a minute of rest post-reset is essential. This reset process is crucial for troubleshooting charging issues with the mirror.

Once the reset is completed, plug the mirror into a power source using the provided USB cable and observe for a blinking green light that indicates the device is charging. Depending on the mirror model, achieving a full charge may take between 4 to 7 hours.

The sensor reset through the power button manipulation should prompt the mirror to function correctly, including proper charging behavior. If the green light does not appear after resetting the mirror, it may indicate a different underlying issue, warranting further investigation or potential assistance from Simplehuman customer support.

Remember to follow the specific reset instructions based on your mirror model to ensure the best results.

Cleaning the Charging Port

For optimal maintenance of the Simplehuman mirror's charging efficiency, it is recommended to use a small brush or compressed air to clean the charging port regularly. Dust, debris, or lint buildup can hinder the connection and impact the charging efficiency. When cleaning the charging port, it is important to handle it delicately to prevent any damage to the mirror.

Here are some steps to effectively clean the charging port:

  • Use a small brush or compressed air to remove any dust or debris from the charging port.
  • Ensure there is no lint blocking the connection in the charging port.
  • Gently insert and remove the charging cable to dislodge any dirt that may be hindering the charging process.
  • Avoid using excessive force when cleaning to prevent any damage to the delicate components.
  • Regularly check and clean the charging port to maintain optimal charging efficiency.

Testing With a Different Outlet

Testing the Simplehuman mirror with a different outlet can help determine if the original outlet is the cause of the charging issue. When troubleshooting, ensure the new outlet is functional by plugging in another device to confirm the power supply.

Check for any tripped circuit breakers or GFCI outlets that may be affecting the charging process. It is advisable to avoid using power strips or extension cords that could potentially disrupt the charging connection.

By testing multiple outlets, you can rule out any electrical issues and pinpoint the cause of the charging problem with the mirror. If the mirror still does not charge after trying different outlets, it may not be an outlet problem.

Make sure to observe the recharge light indication when plugged into the new outlet using the USB charger. If the light does not come on, there could be an issue with the mirror itself rather than the outlet.

Verifying Battery Connection

To ensure the proper charging of the Simplehuman mirror, it is essential to confirm the secure connection of the USB charger and cable to the mirror. Here are some steps to verify the battery connection effectively:

  • Check if the USB charger and cable are securely connected to the mirror's charging port.
  • Ensure that the charging port on the mirror is clean and free from any debris or dust that may hinder the connection.
  • Verify that the power source, whether an outlet or a power bank, is functioning properly to provide adequate power for charging.
  • Make sure the mirror is placed on a stable surface while charging to prevent any interruptions to the charging process.
  • If the mirror still doesn't charge after checking these connections, consider troubleshooting by trying a different USB charger or cable to rule out any issues with the current setup.

Updating Firmware if Applicable

Ensuring the optimal functionality of your Simplehuman mirror involves staying updated with any available firmware enhancements through the manufacturer's official channels. Check the manufacturer's website regularly to see if there are any firmware updates available for your Simplehuman mirror. Firmware updates can significantly improve the performance, fix bugs, and enhance the charging functionality of your mirror.

Before initiating the firmware update process, ensure that your mirror has a stable internet connection and sufficient battery life. It is crucial to follow the specific instructions provided by Simplehuman for updating the firmware to avoid any potential issues. If you are unsure about how to update the firmware or encounter any difficulties during the process, do not hesitate to contact Simplehuman customer support. They can provide you with guidance and assistance to ensure that the firmware update is done correctly, leading to improved stability and functionality of your Simplehuman mirror.

Contacting Customer Support

For prompt assistance in resolving issues related to your Simplehuman mirror not charging, contacting customer support is recommended. Customer support can provide valuable assistance in troubleshooting and resolving charging issues.

If the mirror continues to not charge even after attempting basic troubleshooting steps, reaching out to customer support is essential. Here are some key points to consider when contacting customer support:

  • Contact support for troubleshooting tips specific to the mirror not charging.
  • Utilize support resources provided by Simplehuman for guidance on resolving charging problems.
  • Customer support is available to assist with warranty claims or replacements if necessary.
  • Seek guidance on further troubleshooting steps to address the issue effectively.
  • Contact customer support promptly to expedite the resolution of the charging issue and ensure your mirror functions properly.

Seeking Professional Repair Services

Seeking professional repair services for Simplehuman mirrors can provide expert assistance in diagnosing and resolving charging issues effectively. When facing charging problems with your Simplehuman mirror, certified technicians specializing in such repairs can offer advanced troubleshooting techniques to identify the root cause of the issue. These professionals are equipped to handle repairing or replacing faulty components within the mirror to ensure it charges properly.

Moreover, professional repair services may also include warranty coverage for the work performed, giving you added peace of mind. In cases where basic troubleshooting methods fall short in resolving the problem, turning to professional repair services is crucial. Complex charging issues that seem insurmountable can often be tackled by these experts who have the knowledge and tools to address them effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Simple Human Mirror Not Charging?

When a Simplehuman mirror is not charging, common factors like faulty cables, low battery levels, or the need for a mirror reset may be causing the issue. Ensuring proper charger functionality and seeking guidance through tutorials can aid in resolving the problem.

How Long Do Simplehuman Mirrors Last?

Simplehuman mirrors can last up to 5 weeks on a single charge depending on usage. Regular charging for 4 to 8 hours is essential for optimal performance. A green blinking light indicates charging, turning solid green when fully charged.

How Do I Reset My Simplehuman Mirror Battery?

To reset your Simplehuman mirror battery, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Allow the mirror to sit for 1 minute after the reset. Look for a green blinking light when you plug the unit in to charge.

Can You Replace the Battery in a Simplehuman Mirror?

No, the battery in a Simplehuman mirror is not user-replaceable. If the mirror stops holding a charge, it may need to be replaced entirely. Simplehuman offers repair services, including battery replacement, for their mirrors. Contact customer support for guidance.


In conclusion, troubleshooting a Simplehuman mirror not charging involves:

  1. Checking the power source
  2. Inspecting the charging cable
  3. Resetting the mirror
  4. Cleaning the charging port
  5. Testing with a different outlet
  6. Verifying battery connection
  7. Updating firmware if applicable
  8. Contacting customer support for further assistance.

By following these steps, you can effectively address the issue and ensure your mirror functions properly.

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