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How To Fix One Airpod Not Charging

In the realm of wireless earbuds, encountering the scenario where one AirPod refuses to charge can be a perplexing and frustrating issue. It prompts users to delve into troubleshooting methods to rectify the situation efficiently.

Whether it's a simple matter of ensuring a snug fit within the charging case or exploring advanced solutions like resetting the AirPods, the journey to restoring full functionality can be a blend of technical know-how and patience.

However, sometimes even these steps might not be enough to tackle the underlying problem. This is where the importance of seeking expert advice or assistance from Apple Support comes into play, offering a potential resolution beyond the scope of individual troubleshooting attempts.

Key Takeaways

  • Check charging case battery level and clean charging contacts for proper connection.
  • Ensure secure fit of AirPod in charging case to optimize charging efficiency.
  • Update firmware and software for compatibility with connected devices.
  • Seek professional assistance if issues persist, considering repair or replacement options.

Check Charging Case Battery Level

To ensure proper charging of your AirPods, it is essential to regularly check the battery level of the charging case. Monitoring the charging case battery status is crucial as a battery level below 10% can lead to issues such as one AirPod not charging properly. Utilize the Batteries widget on your iPhone to conveniently keep track of the charge status of the case. This feature provides real-time information on the battery level, allowing you to take timely action if the charge is low.

Additionally, maintaining the cleanliness of the charging contacts on both the AirPods and the case is vital for optimal charging functionality. Dirt or debris on these contacts can hinder the charging process, leading to charging problems. In case of charging issues, connecting the case to a power source using a Lightning or USB-C cable can help resolve the issue. Developing a routine of charging the case daily or every other day can also prevent potential battery-related charging problems in the future.

Reinsert the AirPod

Reinserting the AirPod securely into the charging case is crucial for establishing a reliable connection and ensuring proper charging functionality. When reinserting the AirPod, make sure it is firmly seated to guarantee the charging pins align correctly with the case, allowing for effective charging. It is essential to verify that the charging indicator activates upon placing the AirPod back into the case to confirm that charging initiation has begun.

Regular maintenance is also important; ensure the charging contacts on both the AirPod and the case are kept clean to prevent charging issues resulting from dirt or grime buildup. Remove any accessories or debris that may obstruct the charging contact points to maintain a solid connection. By maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a secure fit when reinserting the AirPod into the charging case, you can optimize the charging process and resolve any issues with one AirPod not charging effectively.

Clean the AirPod and Charging Case

Ensuring the cleanliness of the AirPod and charging case is paramount for maintaining optimal charging performance and preventing potential issues with one AirPod not charging effectively.

To clean the charging contacts on the AirPod stem and case, use a lint-free cloth and a periodontal brush. Stubborn dirt can be removed with isopropyl alcohol, but be cautious not to spray it directly on the AirPods.

Regular cleaning of the AirPods and case, ideally on a weekly basis, can help avoid charging problems stemming from dirty contacts. Proper maintenance involves wiping down the exterior, cleaning the lightning port, and using a toothpick or toothbrush for thorough cleaning.

Reset AirPods

Resetting your AirPods can be a straightforward solution to common charging issues, such as one AirPod not charging. If you encounter this problem, performing a reset may help resolve it. To reset your AirPods, you need to forget the device in your Apple device's Bluetooth settings and then reconnect the AirPods. This process can be initiated by holding down the setup button on the AirPods case for about 15 seconds. By doing this, any existing connection errors are cleared, and the AirPods are restored to their default state.

When troubleshooting steps fail to rectify the charging problem with one AirPod, resetting the AirPods is a recommended course of action. This simple procedure can often fix issues related to charging discrepancies and connectivity issues. By following the reset process, you can potentially address the charging problem and ensure both AirPods charge properly.

Contact Apple Support

When troubleshooting methods prove insufficient in resolving the issue of one AirPod not charging, seeking assistance from Apple Support is the next recommended step for professional evaluation and potential solutions.

Contacting Apple Support is crucial when facing charging problems with your AirPods or AirPods Pro. The experts at Apple Support can assess if the Charging Case needs repair or replacement, providing tailored guidance for your specific issue.

Whether visiting an Apple Store or reaching out to the Genius Bar, contacting Apple Support ensures that persistent charging problems with your Apple AirPods receive the attention they require.

Remove All Accessories and Reinsert

To ensure proper charging functionality, it is advisable to remove all accessories and carefully reinsert the affected AirPod. When addressing one AirPod not charging properly, following these steps can help resolve the issue:

  • Clean Reinsertion: Ensure the charging contacts are free from dirt or debris to establish a proper contact for charging.
  • Check for Obstructions: Look for any obstructions that may hinder the charging process and remove them before reinserting the AirPod.
  • Verify Alignment: Check for any misalignments between the AirPod and the charging case to ensure a secure and accurate connection.
  • Handle with Care: During reinsertion, handle the AirPod delicately to prevent damaging it or its charging contacts.
  • Effective Troubleshooting: This method is a common and effective solution for dealing with charging problems in one AirPod.

Use Mounting Tape for Realignment

Utilizing mounting tape to adjust the alignment of the charging pins on the non-charging AirPod can optimize contact with the charging case. By strategically placing mounting tape, the AirPod can be elevated to ensure better contact with the charging pins in the case.

Experimenting with different thicknesses of mounting tape is key in finding the best fit for optimal charging. Proper alignment through the use of mounting tape can effectively resolve issues where the AirPod fails to charge due to poor contact between the charging pins.

This method serves as a practical troubleshooting technique to address charging problems effectively, specifically when dealing with one AirPod that is not charging as expected. Ensuring a secure and aligned connection between the AirPod and the charging case is essential for efficient charging performance, and mounting tape offers a simple yet effective solution to realign the charging pins and enhance the overall charging experience.

Consult an Apple Genius

For individuals encountering persistent charging issues with a non-charging AirPod, seeking guidance from an Apple Genius at an Apple Store is recommended. The Apple Genius staff are trained and knowledgeable experts who can provide tailored solutions for troubleshooting your AirPod charging problems effectively.

Consult an Apple Genius:

  • Visit an Apple Store for expert advice on repair or replacement options for the non-charging AirPod.
  • Free replacements may be available for faulty AirPod units under warranty at the Apple Store.
  • Battery service at the Apple Store could offer discounted replacements for AirPods with charging issues.
  • Seek professional help from an Apple Genius for persistent charging problems with the non-charging AirPod.
  • An Apple Genius can provide personalized assistance and solutions for troubleshooting the non-charging AirPod effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Only One of My Airpods Not Charging?

When only one AirPod fails to charge, potential causes include issues with the charging case, faulty connections, or a need for device resetting. Proper troubleshooting steps, such as cleaning contacts and seeking Apple support, can help address this problem effectively.

Why Is One Piece of My Airpods Not Charging?

When one piece of AirPods is not charging, it may indicate debris or connection issues. Using genuine Apple cables, cleaning the contacts, and ensuring proper alignment in the case can often resolve the problem. Persistent issues may require Apple Support assistance.

What to Do if One Airpod Is Not Working?

If one AirPod is not working, troubleshoot by ensuring a secure fit, checking for debris, and updating software. Verify Bluetooth connectivity, reset the AirPods, and seek further assistance if issues persist. Contact Apple Support for advanced troubleshooting and potential repairs.

Why Is One Airpod Dead After Charging?

One AirPod may become dead after charging due to issues with the charging case, dirty charging contacts on the AirPod, or uneven charging between AirPods. It could also result from using third-party charging accessories or having faulty metal contacts.


In conclusion, troubleshooting steps such as:

  • Checking the charging case battery level
  • Reinserting the AirPod
  • Cleaning the devices
  • Resetting to factory settings
  • Seeking assistance from Apple Support

can help resolve the issue of one AirPod not charging.

If the problem persists, additional steps like:

  • Removing all accessories
  • Using mounting tape for realignment
  • Consulting an Apple Genius

may be necessary for further assistance.

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