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How To Fix Jabra Headphones Not Charging

If you've encountered the frustrating issue of Jabra headphones not charging, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem efficiently. From checking the charging cable to updating firmware, each step plays a crucial role in diagnosing and potentially fixing the issue at hand.

However, what if these common solutions don't yield the desired results? Stay tuned for some lesser-known but effective methods that might just be the key to getting your Jabra headphones back to full charging functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • Perform physical inspections and maintenance regularly.
  • Reset and reconnect the earbuds for troubleshooting.
  • Optimize the charging environment for better performance.
  • Stay updated with firmware and seek professional help if needed.

Check Charging Cable and Power Source

To troubleshoot Jabra headphones not charging, begin by inspecting the integrity of the charging cable and verifying the adequacy of the power source. Ensure the charging cable, whether the original Jabra cable or a high-quality alternative, is undamaged and correctly connected to both the power source and the earbuds. Check for any dirt or debris in the charging ports or cable that could impede the charging process. Sometimes, debris accumulation may prevent proper contact between the charging cable and the device, leading to charging issues.

Additionally, it's crucial to use a power source that provides adequate power output for charging the Jabra headphones. If the current power source seems to be the problem, try switching to a different outlet or power supply to see if the headphones begin to charge. Ensuring that both the charging cable and power source are functioning optimally is a fundamental step in resolving charging problems with Jabra headphones.

Clean Charging Contacts

Regularly cleaning the charging contacts on your Jabra headphones using a soft, dry cloth can help ensure a consistent and reliable charging connection. Here are some steps to effectively clean the charging contacts:

  1. Use a soft, dry cloth: Avoid using water or cleaning solutions that could potentially damage the contacts. A gentle and dry cloth is sufficient for cleaning without risking harm to the device.
  2. Wipe away dirt and debris: Gently wipe the charging contacts to remove any dirt, debris, or residue that may be hindering the charging connection. This step helps in maintaining a clear and unobstructed pathway for charging.
  3. Ensure complete dryness: After cleaning, make sure that the contacts are entirely dry before attempting to charge the headphones again. Moisture can interfere with the charging process and may lead to further issues.
  4. Regular maintenance: Consistent cleaning of the charging contacts is crucial for sustaining a strong and reliable charging connection. By incorporating this practice into your routine, you can prevent charging issues and prolong the lifespan of your Jabra headphones.

Reset Charging Case

Resetting the charging case of your Jabra headphones can effectively troubleshoot charging issues and enhance the overall functionality of the device. To reset the Jabra charging case, locate the reset button inside the case. Press and hold the reset button until the LED lights on the case flash, indicating that the reset process is underway. Once the lights flash, release the button to complete the reset. Close the charging case after resetting and check if the headphones are now charging properly.

This reset procedure helps in addressing charging issues related to the case, such as connectivity problems with the charging pins or inaccuracies in displaying the charging status. By resetting the charging case, you can potentially resolve these issues and ensure that your Jabra headphones charge correctly. If the problem persists even after the reset, consider exploring further troubleshooting steps such as verifying the battery level and updating the firmware, which will be discussed in the next subtopic.

Verify Battery Level and Update Firmware

After resetting the charging case of your Jabra headphones, the next step is to ensure the battery level is adequate and update the firmware to address any charging-related software issues.

  1. Check Battery Level: Verify that the battery level of your Jabra headphones is sufficient for operation to rule out low charge as the cause of the charging issue.
  2. Update Firmware: Ensure your Jabra headphones have the latest firmware installed to resolve any software-related charging issues that may be affecting the charging process.
  3. Inspect Charging Case and Earbuds: Make sure that both the charging case and earbuds are clean and free from debris that could obstruct the charging process.
  4. Verify Charging Contacts: Check that the charging contacts on both the case and the earbuds are clean and making proper contact for efficient charging performance.

Use Different Charging Cable and Power Source

To troubleshoot charging issues with Jabra headphones, consider utilizing an alternative charging cable and power source for efficient diagnosis and resolution. Trying a different charging cable can help rule out any issues with the current cable that may be causing problems with charging your earbuds.

Similarly, using a different power source, such as a wall outlet or an alternate USB port, can assist in determining if the problem lies with the power supply. Sometimes, the charging cable or power source may not be providing sufficient power, leading to difficulties in charging the headphones.

Perform Factory Reset

Considering the troubleshooting steps for Jabra headphones, exploring a factory reset can help address potential software-related issues affecting the charging functionality. When encountering charging issues, a factory reset can be a useful solution.

Here are some key points to guide you through the process:

  1. Identify the Need: If you are facing charging problems with your Jabra headphones due to software glitches, a factory reset may be necessary.
  2. Follow Specific Instructions: Locate the detailed instructions provided by Jabra for your specific headphone model on how to perform a factory reset.
  3. Back Up Data: Before initiating the reset, ensure you back up any important data or settings stored on the headphones to prevent data loss.
  4. Test After Reset: After completing the factory reset, retest the charging functionality to determine if the issue has been successfully resolved.

Reset Jabra Earbuds Charging Case

Resetting the Jabra earbuds charging case involves locating and pressing the reset button found inside the case's lid. For Jabra Elite earbuds users experiencing charging inconsistencies or malfunctions, this reset process can be beneficial.

Upon opening the lid, the reset button is typically situated near the charging pins inside the case. To initiate the reset, press and hold the reset button until the LED lights on the case flash. Once the lights start flashing, release the button to finalize the reset procedure.

After completing the reset, close the charging case and check if the earbuds are now charging properly. This simple action can often troubleshoot issues related to charging problems, ensuring that your Jabra earbuds function correctly.

If you encounter persistent charging issues with your earbuds, performing a reset on the charging case is a good initial step to address these concerns effectively.

Fix Right Earbud Not Charging

Addressing the issue of the right earbud not charging requires thorough troubleshooting and potential solutions to ensure optimal functionality. Here are some steps to help resolve this problem with your Jabra earbuds:

  1. Clean the charging contacts: Ensure the charging pins on both the earbud and the case are clean to guarantee a proper connection for charging.
  2. Swap the earbuds: Test if the issue lies with the earbud or the case by switching the left and right earbuds in the charging case.
  3. Reset Your Jabra: Perform a reset on your Jabra earbuds to troubleshoot any software-related charging issues that may be affecting the right earbud.
  4. Check for firmware updates: Look for any available firmware updates for your Jabra earbuds, as these updates could potentially address the right earbud not charging problem.

If after trying these steps the right earbud still does not charge, it is advisable to contact Jabra support for further assistance in resolving the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do if Jabra Is Not Charging?

If Jabra headphones are not charging, troubleshoot by checking the charging cable, cleaning the contacts, resetting the charging case, verifying battery levels, and updating firmware. Using alternative charging cables and power sources can also help resolve the issue.

How Do I Reset My Jabra Charging Case?

To reset your Jabra charging case, locate the reset button inside the case. Press and hold the button until the LED lights flash, then release. Close the case after resetting. This process helps address charging issues and enhances functionality.

How Do I Know if My Jabra Headset Is Charging?

To determine if a Jabra headset is charging, observe the pulsing light on the device while connected to the charging cable. Additionally, the LED indicator on the charging case will illuminate, and the Jabra Sound+ app can provide real-time battery percentage updates for monitoring progress.

Why Is My Earbud Charging Case Not Charging?

The earbud charging case may not charge due to debris, faulty accessories, charge imbalances, or issues with ports. Firmware updates and resets can sometimes rectify the problem. Ensure proper maintenance and compatibility for optimal charging performance.


In conclusion, troubleshooting Jabra headphones not charging involves several steps. These include checking the charging cable and power source, cleaning charging contacts, resetting the charging case, verifying battery levels, updating firmware, and using different charging accessories if necessary.

Performing a factory reset and fixing specific issues like a right earbud not charging may also be required. By following these steps and practicing preventive maintenance, the charging performance and battery life of Jabra headphones can be improved.

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