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How To Fix Bushnell Wingman Not Charging

In the realm of troubleshooting technical glitches, addressing a Bushnell Wingman that refuses to charge can be a vexing challenge.

Picture this scenario: you've made sure the cable is intact, meticulously cleaned the charging port, yet the device remains unresponsive.

What next steps can one take to revive this unyielding gadget? Let's explore some nuanced strategies to tackle this resilient charging dilemma and potentially unveil the key to reinstating its vitality.

Key Takeaways

  • Inspect charging cable and port for damage regularly.
  • Test battery and use correct charger for efficient operation.
  • Troubleshoot power outlet functionality and use the right adapter.
  • Ensure compatibility and functionality of the charging adapter for the Bushnell Wingman.

Check Charging Cable Integrity

Regularly inspecting the charging cable for any signs of damage is crucial for ensuring optimal charging performance of the Bushnell Wingman. Visible cuts, cracks, or internal wire damage can disrupt connectivity and hinder charging functionality. To maintain a consistent and reliable charging experience, it is imperative to use a high-quality charging cable free from any defects.

Avoid tightly winding or bending the cable, as this can lead to internal wire breakage or issues with the charging circuit. If a damaged charging cable is detected, it is recommended to replace it promptly to prevent irregular charging patterns. By ensuring the integrity of the charging cable, users can mitigate the risk of encountering charging issues with their Bushnell Wingman.

Inspect Charging Port for Debris

Inspecting the charging port for any debris is essential to ensure proper connectivity and efficient charging of the Bushnell Wingman. Debris, such as dirt or lint, can accumulate in the charging port, hindering the connection between the charging cable and the device. This accumulation may prevent the charging pins from making sufficient contact, leading to charging issues. To address this, regular inspection and cleaning of the charging port are recommended to prevent such problems.

When debris builds up in the charging port, it can cause intermittent charging issues, impacting the overall performance of the device. By carefully inspecting the port and removing any accumulated debris with a soft brush, you can maintain a proper connection between the charging cable and the Bushnell Wingman. This simple maintenance step can help prevent charging interruptions and ensure that the device charges effectively whenever needed. Remember, a clean charging port is crucial for seamless charging functionality.

Test Bushnell Wingman Battery

When ensuring the proper functionality of your Bushnell Wingman, one crucial step is to test the device's battery by connecting it to a 1A or 2A USB charger. Upon connection, the red ring indicator on the Wingman will signify that the device is charging. Once fully charged, the indicator will turn green, indicating a complete charge. The battery of the Bushnell Wingman typically allows for approximately 10 hours of operating time before needing a recharge.

Testing the battery is essential in troubleshooting any potential battery issues or charging problems that may arise with the Bushnell Wingman. If the device is not charging properly, it could indicate a battery-related concern that requires attention. By using a 1A or 2A USB charger to test the battery, you can determine if the charging issue lies with the battery itself or with another component of the device.

Troubleshoot Power Outlet Connection

To ensure efficient charging of your Bushnell Wingman, verify the functionality of the power outlet by testing it with other devices. Here are some steps to troubleshoot power outlet connection:

  1. Check Outlet Functionality: Test the power outlet by plugging in other devices to confirm if it is functional.
  2. Use a Different Power Source: If the outlet seems to have issues, try using a different power source to eliminate the possibility of outlet issues.
  3. Avoid Power Extensions: Avoid using power extensions as they may hinder proper charging. Directly connect the charging adapter to the socket for optimal power supply.

Evaluate Charging Adapter Functionality

Assessing the operational integrity of the charging adapter is essential for ensuring the effective charging performance of the Bushnell Wingman.

Start by checking the charging adapter for any burnt smell, as this could indicate damaged internal circuitry. If such a smell is present, it may be necessary to replace the adapter to resolve charging issues.

Additionally, verify the compatibility of the charging adapter with the Bushnell Wingman to guarantee efficient charging.

To further evaluate the adapter, disconnect the USB cable and inspect it for any signs of damage or malfunction.

Remember, the charging adapter plays a crucial role in maintaining the battery life and overall performance of the Bushnell Wingman.

Resolving Blinking Red Light Issue

Upon encountering the blinking red light on your Bushnell Wingman, immediate action is required to address the low battery level and ensure uninterrupted functionality during your activities.

To resolve the blinking red light issue effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Check Battery Health: The blinking red light serves as a visual indicator of low battery capacity. Promptly plug in the Wingman for approximately 2 hours to charge it fully and eliminate the red light warning.
  2. Wait for Green Light: Once the device reaches a full charge, the red light will switch to green, signaling that the battery has reached its maximum capacity. This ensures optimal performance during your outdoor pursuits.
  3. Ensure Battery Capacity: By monitoring the visual cues of the Bushnell Wingman, such as the red and green lights, you can maintain the battery health and capacity for prolonged usage without interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Bushnell Golf Not Charging?

Your Bushnell golf device may not charge due to issues with the charging cable, port, or internal battery. Ensure using a compatible power source and adapter. Check battery status lights. For persistent problems, seek assistance from Bushnell support or an authorized service center.

How Can I Tell if My Bushnell Wingman Is Charging?

To determine if the Bushnell Wingman is charging, observe the red ring light which indicates charging status. A green ring signifies full charge. A blinking red light warns of low battery. Quick 2-hour charging ensures efficiency.

Can You Replace the Battery in a Bushnell Wingman?

Yes, the battery in a Bushnell Wingman can be replaced. However, it is recommended to have a qualified technician perform the replacement due to the device's design and specifications. Attempting a DIY replacement may void the warranty.

How Do You Reset a Bushnell Wingman?

To reset a Bushnell Wingman, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. This action reboots the device without deleting any settings. It's a simple troubleshooting step advised by Bushnell for resolving technical issues. If problems persist, contact Bushnell support.


In conclusion, addressing issues with a Bushnell Wingman not charging involves:

  • Checking the charging cable for damage.
  • Cleaning the charging port.
  • Testing the battery.
  • Troubleshooting power outlet connection.
  • Evaluating the charging adapter.

By following these steps and monitoring the LED indicators on the device, users can effectively resolve the problem and ensure proper charging functionality for their Bushnell Wingman.

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