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How To Fix Anker Battery Pack Not Charging

When your Anker battery pack refuses to charge, frustration can quickly set in. The inability to power up your devices can disrupt your day and leave you searching for solutions.

Fear not, for there are methods to troubleshoot and potentially rectify this issue. By following a few simple steps and understanding the workings of your power bank, you might just uncover the key to restoring its charging capabilities.

Let's navigate through the common culprits and explore practical remedies that could breathe life back into your Anker battery pack.

Key Takeaways

  • Verify power source and connections for functionality
  • Perform a reset by connecting Micro input and USB output ports
  • Use a known working USB cable to rule out cable issues
  • Contact Anker customer support for personalized assistance

Checking Power Source and Connections

To ensure that the Anker battery pack is charging correctly, the first step is to verify the functionality of the power source and the connections. Start by testing the power source with another device to confirm that it is indeed providing power.

Next, check if the Anker power bank is correctly connected to the charging cable, ensuring that the cable is securely plugged into both the power bank and the power source. Inspect the charging ports on both the power bank and the device being charged for any debris or damage that may be obstructing the connection.

Additionally, try using a different USB charging cable or adapter to rule out any issues with the current setup. It is essential to ensure that the power bank is turned on and functioning correctly before attempting to charge a device.

Resetting the Anker Battery Pack

A recommended method for addressing charging issues with an Anker battery pack involves performing a reset by connecting the Micro input and USB output ports for approximately 15 seconds. Resetting an Anker power bank can help resolve common charging issues such as slow charging, overheating, and battery drain.

During the reset process, you should observe the LED lights on the Anker battery pack. A successful reset is indicated when the LED lights stop flashing or blinking, signaling that the reset process has been completed.

Following the reset, it is essential to evaluate the power bank's performance to ensure that the charging problems have been resolved. Regularly resetting the Anker battery pack can prevent future charging issues and help maintain its optimal functionality.

Verifying Charging Cable Functionality

After resetting the Anker battery pack to address charging issues, the next step involves verifying the functionality of the charging cable.

To do this, use a known working USB cable to rule out any cable issues. Check the charging cable for any visible damage or fraying that may be affecting its ability to charge the Anker battery pack. It's essential to ensure that the charging cable is compatible with the Anker battery pack to avoid any compatibility issues.

Another way to verify the charging cable's functionality is by testing it with another device to confirm that it can successfully deliver power. If the charging cable works with another device but not with the Anker battery pack, there may be an issue with the battery pack itself.

Before moving on to other troubleshooting steps, it's crucial to clean the charging cable connectors and ports to remove any dirt or debris that could be obstructing the charging process.

Cleaning Charging Ports and Connectors

Using a soft brush or compressed air, ensure the charging ports and connectors are free of dust and debris to maintain optimal functionality. Regular cleaning of the charging ports on your Anker charger is essential to prevent poor charging performance and connectivity issues.

It is important to avoid using sharp objects or applying excessive force during the cleaning process to prevent damage to the ports. By keeping the ports clean, you can ensure a secure and efficient connection for charging your devices with the Anker charger. Neglecting to clean the ports can lead to charging problems with your Anker battery pack over time.

Proper maintenance of the charging ports is key to avoiding these issues and ensuring that your Anker charger functions effectively. If you encounter persistent charging problems even after cleaning the ports, consider contacting Anker support for further assistance.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the charging ports can help prolong the lifespan of your Anker charger and battery pack.

Contacting Anker Customer Support

Utilize Anker's 24/7 customer support channels to promptly address any issues with your Anker PowerCore portable charger, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and resolution. In case your power bank is not charging, contacting Anker customer support is crucial for swift assistance. Anker offers various contact options such as phone, email, live chat, or social media to cater to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking warranty assistance, troubleshooting guidance, or product usage tips, Anker's dedicated support team is there to help.

For more complex issues with your power bank not charging, Anker provides a support ticket system to ensure thorough resolution of the problem. By reaching out to Anker support at (800) 988-7973, you can receive personalized assistance tailored to your battery pack charging issues. Remember, pressing and holding the power button on your Anker portable charger may also help reset the device and resolve minor charging issues efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Anker Power Bank Not Charging?

An Anker power bank may not charge due to issues such as damaged charging cables, overloading, debris in ports, software glitches, or faulty components. Proper troubleshooting and maintenance can help diagnose and resolve these charging problems efficiently.

How Do I Reset My Anker Battery Charger?

To reset an Anker battery charger, locate the reset button and press it for approximately 15 seconds. Successful reset is indicated by the cessation of LED lights flashing. Evaluate the charger's performance post-reset to confirm issue resolution.

How Do You Fix a Power Bank That Won't Charge?

When troubleshooting a power bank that won't charge, start by checking the charging cable compatibility, power source, and cleanliness of ports. Follow manufacturer reset instructions if needed. Monitor LED indicator lights for charging progress and battery status.

Why Are My Battery Packs Not Charging?

Battery packs may not charge due to incompatible/damaged cables, overloading, insufficient power input, debris in the charging port, or firmware/component malfunctions. Troubleshooting these issues can resolve charging problems and ensure proper functionality.


In conclusion, troubleshooting an Anker battery pack not charging issues can be resolved by:

  • Checking power sources and connections
  • Resetting the power bank
  • Verifying charging cable functionality
  • Cleaning charging ports and connectors
  • Contacting Anker customer support if necessary

Following these steps can help ensure the optimal performance of your Anker battery pack and resolve any charging issues you may encounter.

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